"'In this article, we will briefly introduce the CO2 laser device mirror and its types, as well as its application in this type of device'"
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Mirrors are one of the most important components of any CO2 Laser machines. The design and manufacturing quality of laser mirrors is critical to the production, maintenance and delivery of a quality laser beam. There are two main categories of laser mirrors: indoor and outdoor.
How CO2 Mirrors Work Interior mirrors are used to generate, maintain, and amplify a laser beam by forming a reflective ‘resonator’ around the CO2-excited gas mixture.
Interior mirrors are sometimes called intensifying or hollow mirrors. Exterior mirrors are used to transmit, manipulate, split and focus the laser beam. Most mirrors have smooth reflective surfaces, but some have curved surfaces designed to reduce beam divergence. The design of the substrate material and the coating of a CO2 laser mirror are primarily determined by its desired performance.

Types of mirrors that can be used in co2 laser cutter machine

Silicone mirror (Si) with gold layer

This mirror is cheap and has high reflectivity and is suitable for lasers up to 80 watts.

The disadvantage of this mirror is the difficulty in cleaning it and the ease of being scratched when cleaning its surface.

Molybdenum (Mo) mirror with polished surface

This type of mirror is made of very hard material and has the ability to withstand high power lasers (above 80 watts) and is not easily scratched.

The disadvantages of this mirror are that it is more expensive and reflects less light than the si mirror.

Polished Copper Mirror (Cu)

This mirror has better reflection than Mo type mirror, but it is less than gold-plated silicone mirrors, it also has high resistance and is suitable for high power lasers.

Disadvantages of this mirror include high cost, difficult production, and scarcity of this type of mirror.

Gold-plated K9 glass mirror

This type of mirror is suitable for powers below 40 watts and is not recommended for higher powers.

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