Parnak Electronics

Parnak Electronics Manufacturer:

* Production of all kinds of industrial electronic equipment

* Industrial automation

* Production line upgrade

* Construction and commissioning of various masks production line

* Production of various UPS and stabilizers

* Design and production of ultrasonic welding machines in different capacities and powers

* Manufacturer of cutting machines Laser in different mechanisms and powers

* Designer and manufacturer of various mini CNC machines

Design and production:

Laser cutting machines Mini cnc Plasma cutting machines 3D printers audio amplifiers AC and DC motor drives  PID controllers Bluetooth audio players Electric bike equipments Battery chargers Smart home equipments Electronic Projects

Our products and activities

------------- Looking forward to the activities and products of the pernak Electronics

Types of UPS and Energy Supply Equipment

Types of UPS and Energy Supply Equipment

Today, the production of UPS is very important. Since urban electricity is an important factor in everyday life of humans and all businesses such as factories, companies, offices, etc., Therefore, the production of UPS and its use when necessary such as sudden power outage is able to fix the problems.

Pernak Electronic Designer and Manufacturer of UPS

Pernak Electronics
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CNC and laser cutting machines

CNC machines AND Laser cutter Machines

The Pernak Electronic Laser Machine is one of the best laser Machine that has gained popularity due to many features. With this laser Machine , you can start a new business and boost your work.

Pernak Electronics , Manufacturer of Laser Cutter Machine

Pernak Electronics
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3D printers

3D printers

3D printers are devices that allow you to make a real 3D sample of photos you have on your computer. One of the companies active in the field of printers is Parnak Electronic Company, which has recently offered a new Sample of these types of printers.

Pernak electronics manufacturer of 3D printers

Pernak Electronics
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Portable music players

portabl music player

Prince Electronics Designer and Manufacturer of music Players in accordance with customer needs.The company has presented its amplifier music players in three models of Me820 and Me720 and Golden Ostim.

Pernak Electronics Manufacturer of Portable Music Players

Pernak Electronics
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Types of Controller

Types of Controller

Pernak Electronics Manufacturer of motor Controller and Motor Drive.PID controllers are one of the most common type of feedback control algorithm used in many control processes such as motor speed control, pressure control, temperature control, etc.

\ثقPernak Electronics Manufacturer of Types of Motor controller, Temperature control and ...

Pernak Electronics
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Health equipment

Sanitary equipment

Care for ourselves and others during the Coronavirus pandemic was essential, so Pernak Electronics kept the health of the people and designed and marketed the automatic alcohol sprayer.

Pernak Electronics Manufacturer of Automatic Health Equipment

Pernak Electronics
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why Pernak Electronics?!
Order devices and equipment to suit your needs and save your costs
100% free technical advice

Consult Pernak electronics and say what you want, our experts will consult you for free so that you can make the best decision.

Unconditional support

At any time of the day, our specialists are ready to answer and solve your technical problems.

The trusted knowledge

Prinake electronics specialists attend training sessions to convey their experiences to each other in addition to discussing articles and technologies around the world.

Sample of Laser Cutting Machine manufactured by Pernak Electronic Company
Laser cutter machine non -metals
academi pernak
About Pernak Electronics

Designing and manufacturing industrial electronic equipment, precision tools, industrial machines, laser cutter machines and CNC Machines are the main part of the Pernak electronics activities. Other activities of the company include the manufacture of new equipment in order and customer needs, updating existing equipment, automation of production line, intelligent places and workshops, manufacturing security equipment and improving industrial equipment performance.

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